His hers dog key holder

His hers dog key holder.

A keyholder is used to hang a number of keys on a

hook. You can put most keys on this holder, including

the standard keys, car keys, house keys, and all sorts of

other keys. The keyholder is made of sturdy steel. It

will work with any standard or lock set key hole. It is

available in both right and left-handed models. The

right and left-handed models are only slightly different

in look. A right-handed model may need an extension

for the longer key because they are not built to be

used with both left- and right-hand keys.

This keyholder is perfect for hanging your keys in

the kitchen, on the kitchen counter, or on the table, or

in the bedroom, on the dresser or mirror. You can make

it personal by designing it to match the decor of your

home or your business. The keyholder is the perfect

place for all your keys to stay when you are not

climbing in the kitchen to find them.

Keyholders come in many shapes and sizes. We have

a large selection of the more popular ones, so there is

something here for almost any preference and budget.

We also have a couple of fun items. Check out the

Keyholder Pups, those are key holders with little rubber

dogs on the side. They will hang right on the hook!

Keyholder Dog Tag Keyring

The dog tag keyring is simply an elongated key ring.

It can easily hold a number of keys.

The size of the keys may vary from person to person

so that their sizes fit comfortably on the ring.

We have a few styles of dog tag key rings. We

have solid metal dog tags for the more elegant ones and

also a chain dog tag keyring.

Laser Cut Key Hanger Dog Tag Ring

This dog tag key ring is made of 2 metal strips.

The front strip has a hole for hanging keys. On the back

strip is a 3 hole dog tag shape, and in the middle is a

laser cut key. It is easily removable for an alternative


What is your number one pet product that you

love? Share it with us in the comments section.

As the weather cools off in the Northwest, I see a lot of

dogs that have lost their winter coats. I love winter

clothes and coats. I have a few winter coats,

but I want something bigger that will make the best use of

the available coats and that is the idea for this blog.

Here are a few ideas.

For coats and jackets, you could go to the local

laundromat and get the machine to dry your jackets. You

can do this yourself in the wintertime, but this is not

really a good option if your dog is out in the elements

and if you leave them in your house.

To buy a machine or to find one, see our article

on How to Dry Clothes at Laundromats,


Some people wash their coats by hand or use a hand

dryer. This is great for when the weather is cold.

A vacuum cleaner could do this, but would be a

labor intensive job and not a good option if you go out

into the elements and the vacuum cleaner is not on a

heated surface.

Another option is the “dog bath” with a

heated surface. The heat of the heating pad warms up

the surface and then water is poured over the surface

and your dog and coats get scrubbed and cleaned up.

This is also a labor intensive job.

A different heating pad could be used in the same

way as the dog bath, and it is a bit more work, but you

could then use the same material for a heating pad for

yourself or for people.

You can wash this way as well.

A heated air dryer might be a good idea for

your home, but would require a space in your home.

The last option would be to put your dog in

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