Funny cat cookie plays dentist at owner

The cute black and white cat Cookie in the video loves to play with her owner Elahn. She climbs on his stomach and looks into his mouth: "How often do you brush your teeth?", She asks and master replies: "I brush them every day." This does not seem to convince cat dentist Cookie.

"Open your mouth," the funny kitty asks her "patient", who does a good job. She looks at her master's teeth very carefully and suddenly turns away. "Phew! It's terrible," she says, scolding the bad breath. "It's not that bad after all!" Protests her two-legged friend. "No, no," assures the smart fur nose as she quickly starts to flee - determined to take care of her own dental care.

Practical dental care products for cats

Regular dental care is also very important for cats. Special snacks that provide the teeth with nutrients ...

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