Leaving puppies alone: ​​How to practice it

A dog should practice as a puppy to stay alone. If you exercise gently and bit by bit during training, you will find it much easier with a young dog than with an older four-legged friend who has never been alone.

If the puppy is to practice staying alone, he learns at the same time that it is not a bad thing if his owner is not there for a moment. His body and well-being are taken care of as well as boredom, and his favorite people always come back after a reasonable period of time. This is how you work towards this state.

Leaving puppies alone: ​​first steps

You don't even have to leave the house for the first practice session, so you can easily do it with your puppy. Take advantage of the moment when your little four-legged friend has just let off steam while playing or walking and is taking a little break. Go out very briefly and without attracting any attention, close the door behind you, come back in after three to five minutes and give the little one a reward without becoming too exuberant.

Repetition is important for training

The best thing to do is repeat this exercise several times a day and make the time you come back longer and longer. When you go back into the room, something nice always happens for the dog: play time, pats or a treat.

Feeding puppies properly: what the young dog needs

In order for small puppies to develop well, an appropriate diet is particularly important ...

If you practice for a few weeks and always extend the time, your dog will soon no longer find it bad if his owner goes away: Why should there be something nice when he comes back?

Stay consistent while practicing

If your young dog misses you during the first exercises while you are still in the next room and he whines or barks, you should watch a moment when he is calm to come back in. He shouldn't learn that you will come back when he whines for them, as a consequence of which he will always do when he is alone.

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