I put spot remover on my dog

I put spot remover on my dog's back and it's worked so far! I've used this on the entire length of her fur, and now only the tips of the fur are still wet. The rest of her fur is dry. It smells pretty bad when it first comes out of the contner, but I'm sure the smell will dissipate soon. I'm glad this product is free from toxins because I'd be really concerned with the chemicals used in dog hr shampoos.

- Jax, a puppy

I used this on my cat a couple of months ago after a grooming that had not gone very well. My cat has been itching all over her head and neck area. I put the Spot Remove in the water and wted until she had a bath and was clean. After that, I massaged the Spot Remove on her head and neck. Her fur seemed to be getting softer and fluffier. I didn't have to take the time to let her dry. I was able to just pat her dry and she was fine. I hope she gets all the itching out of her system soon.

- Marla

My 6-week-old lab pup has a skin condition (he's not itching or scratching). I used this product at his groomer's place (we don't use any shampoo or soaps) and my dog didn't seem to like it. I noticed that the skin looked really clean so I tried it on my dog myself. I rubbed it all over her neck and she didn't seem to react, and her skin didn't feel any better. I think it's only for spot removal. If you have a dog with sensitive skin, I would say this product is probably not for you.

- Kelsy, a lab puppy

I got the Spot Removal for Dogs when I got my new kitten. I wanted to make sure I had something for him before I left my old cat, who had allergies. I have to say, Spot Removal worked really well. I rubbed it all over his belly and he didn't even scratch. The only downside is it really smells like a dog. If your dog has sensitive skin, it might be a problem for him. However, if you have an outgoing, outgoing dog, it should work fine.

- Emily, a kitten

I've been using this for several months now. My dog's coat is always on the thicker side and he scratches easily, so I've been using the Spot Removal for Dogs on him. It does a good job of removing the hr that's too short for the bath and getting it out of his ears. It doesn't smell all that bad and it leaves no residue. He hasn't been able to scratch. However, I would not recommend using it on cats, as it has the potential to irritate and cause damage.

- Darryl, a dog

My dog has really long, thick hr that gets tangled and tangled easily. I have to give him baths about every two weeks, and the Spot Remove helps with that, because I can comb the hr and take the knots out without having to worry about all the tangles. I do have to be very careful when I comb it out so that I don't damage his fur. This product is great for when my dog goes to the groomer because it prevents him from getting a hangnl when I'm brushing him up.

- Sarah, a dog

I got this product at the groomer's and my dog loved it. She would always go in and out of the groomer's with a ball in her mouth. She doesn't play fetch with balls anymore because of this product!

- Amanda, a dog

I got the Spot Remove for Dogs when I got my puppy. His hr grows thick and it gets tangled really easily. I was always having to comb it out when I was brushing him, so I tried this on him. It did a really good job of making his hr a little bit cleaner. I have to be very careful when I comb it out so I don't hurt his skin. I was surprised it didn't leave any residue behind on the coat.

- Mary, a puppy

I got this product at the groomer's when my dog was about 7 weeks old. His fur was tangled and I didn't want to leave the knots in his fur when I was taking him in for his bath. His skin wasn't that bad, but I wanted to do something to make sure that his skin was healthy and clean when I was grooming him. It took the knots out without doing any damage, and the smell was not bad.

- Jennifer, a puppy

I used this product on my dog after I got her groomed. She had a bit of a bald spot, and it had been there since she was a pup. I wasn't about to give her a bath without something on her. I put it on her and rubbed it into her fur. She didn't seem to mind it at all, and it helped with the problem. I didn't think it smelled bad at all.

- Nicole, a dog

I got the Spot Removal for Dogs after I got my puppy. He's a chow and I use the shampoo that the groomer gives me, so I didn't know if I should have a product on him after the shampoo. I was glad that I did, because this product kept him from having any knots when I was grooming him. I had to be very careful not to comb out too much fur, or it could damage his skin. It left no residue on the

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