Legislation for Cats

  • Animal protection gains more followers in Brazil

    The awareness of people in relation to the treatment of animals has increased considerably in Brazil over the last few years, and the protection of animals, fortunately, is already an agenda considered of extreme importance in the country. However, even gaining the attention of ...

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  • Responsible ownership of animals is key

    While the entities and the public that acts in defense and protection of animals continue with efforts to end the great level of abandonment - in addition to the frequent episodes of cruelty - against animals; many still do not know for sure what the responsible possession of ...

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  • Mistreatment of animals is still a reality in Brazil

    Although Brazil and the world have made a series of advances with regard to the protection of animals in the last decade - enacting laws and formalizing specific rules for cruelty to fall - we still face many episodes of mistreatment a. ..

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  • Animal legislation gains space in Brazil

    Although the last decade has brought a series of advances in the awareness of people in relation to the treatment of animals, animal legislation is still not very expressive in Brazil; making the cruelty and abandonment of dogs and cats, among other pets, still be ...

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