Hotels for Traveling Cats

The hotels for cats are found with increasing ease and diversity by the main capitals of the country, showing that the market of developments directed to the pet world should not stop growing anytime soon. Rare not so long ago, this type of accommodation for animals today has an immense variety of options, making it possible for the most diverse types of owners and pussies to find their second ideal home.

Considered a good request for owners who need to be away or even for animals to have days of rest or leisure outside the common environment, hotels for cats they offer from single rooms - with beds and special equipment for cats - to spaces for the socialization of animals, which bet on toys and large areas for a smoother adaptation of coexistence between pets.

Most of the hotels used for the lodging of dogs have specific areas for cats, and the services of daycare also grow in the preference of owners looking for something more sporadic and for a shorter period, functioning as a daycare for cats.

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To guarantee the safety of the pussies during the stay, a large portion of the establishments that perform this type of service only admit animals that are up to date with all health issues and have been neutered, vaccinated and wormed. Avoiding the entry of aggressive cats or those with contagious diseases, the hotels also check that the nails of the pussies are properly trimmed.

In some cases, hotels for cats take care to apply an anti-flea when the animal does its “check in”, And in some establishments, entry is only allowed if the animal has applied the product at least three days before admission.

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