Human hospital converted to animal hospital - now operational!

October 1 this year The clinic is located in the building of the Mazowieckie Hyperbaric Center in Warsaw at Szaserów 38.

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October 1 this year The clinic is located in the building of the Mazowieckie Hyperbaric Center in Warsaw at ul. Szaserów 38. The idea refers to the idea of ​​the Blue Cross, popular in some European countries - commercial treatment centers in order to be able to treat homeless animals for free.

The Foundation Clinic is part of a larger project called TRIP (Society for Help and Rescue) - we read about it on the Foundation's website:

The Animal Aid Center Foundation - "TRIP", as the first non-governmental organization in Poland, decided to adopt as one of the main goals of its activity helping animals injured as a result of road accidents.
In order to provide the said aid efficiently, the Animal Aid Center - "TRIP" is in the process of creating a nationwide network of the Veterinary Emergency Service, which will include the already existing Veterinary Treatment Institutions, animal shelters and Veterinary Ambulances. The Police, Municipal Police and other non-governmental organizations with a similar or the same profile of activities will also be invited to cooperate.

Thousands of animals die every year on Polish roads. Most often they are wild, free-living, homeless and stray animals. Accidents involving animals are also those when animals transported inappropriately suffer (remember to transport cats in transporters!). A knocked down, injured animal suffers, additionally left on the road, can obstruct traffic and contribute to serious accidents in which people will be hurt. Reluctance to help animals that have suffered as a result of a traffic accident is common and results from ignorance, fear and fear of "problems". How to help so as not to worsen the condition of the animal? How to transport? Will it not bite? In Poland, there are no specialized units to help homeless people who have been run down. Private veterinary clinics in many cases offer cheaper treatment, but require the pet to be brought, and do not expect them to heal for free - it's their work, the cost of materials, drugs, and expensive treatments. So what to do? If we see an injured animal on the road, let's stop, call the Municipal Police or the Police - they have to come and take the animal to the clinic - most often it goes to the clinic in the shelter. One thing - interventions sometimes have to be waited for a long time. And time is important - the health and life of the animal depends on the speed of the intervention. Establishing an ambulance network for animals injured in accidents is to improve this system.

The clinic works very much thanks to sponsors.

We are still looking for partners willing to support our initiative. We conduct talks with potential sponsors, suppliers of drugs, dressings and disposable materials. We are still in talks with veterinarians and other veterinary clinics. We are open to any form of cooperation.

Meanwhile, all information regarding the clinic is provided by Mr. Łukasz Bodziński at the number 537 495 114 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Noble action, much needed. We strongly cheer for its dissemination and efficient operation.

More on the Foundation's website:

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