Sauá Príncipe Bernhard

Callicebus bernhardi - Sauá-Príncipe-Bernhard is one of the most recent discoveries of science and was first described in 2002. Its scientific name is a tribute to Prince Bernard, from Holland, creator of the conservation order "Order of the Golden Ark" , which encourages biodiversity conservation actions.

It measures about 80 centimeters in length and weighs, on average, 700 grams. Its main characteristic is the orange "beard". The limbs are also orange, the dorsal region is brown and the tail is black with a white tip. The tail is not prehensile.

Endemic to Brazil, the sauá-Príncipe-Bernhard, also called zogue-zogue, is found on the east bank of the Madeira River and close to the Aripuanã River, in the Amazon Forest, in the states of Amazonas and Rondônia.

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He has diurnal and gregarious habits, forming small family groups of up to five individuals. It feeds on fruits, leaves and arthropods.

Despite little information about the species, it is believed that it is not threatened with extinction, since it lives in isolated, protected areas and away from contact with people.

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