Health for Pet: The first health plan for dogs and cats in Brazil

The importance of dogs and cats in today's society is increasing and, through a kind of gradual upgrade that has taken place over the years, they have taken on the role of family members. Today, it is increasingly difficult to find a home that does not have a pet - because people have already discovered the unconditional love that pets can give - and that is exactly why they need special care to have a life full of love. , affection and quality of life.

It was with this in mind that Health for Pet was born: the first Brazilian company to offer a health plan for dogs and cats complete, as it should be to ensure the health and well-being of these beloved friends.


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Highlighting three special novelties in the market, Health for Pet offers exclusive and pioneering services in Brazil, which reflect the commitment, care and affection that the company is keen to promote for all its customers.

Remember the family doctor? THE Health for Pet rescues this concept through PetHome: an exclusive service that brings the best of veterinary medicine to the client's residence, always with a team of experienced professionals. In addition to bringing practicality to the service, the service that can be described as a kind of "family veterinarian" stimulates the relationship between veterinarians and tutors - and, currently, it already has about 80 accredited veterinarians.

At Pet Phone, which is a 24-hour telephone service with veterinarians on duty, a HFP provides a team of professionals trained and prepared to provide all kinds of information about the health of the pet - no matter the time the tutor comes into contact with this news in health plan for dogs and cats.

All accredited veterinarians, clinics and hospitals receive DigiPet, which is nothing more than a tablet configured with personalized software, which allows the storage of all the animal's information in an electronic file: including data on vaccination, procedures, results of clinical and image exams, surgeries and all veterinary history. This innovation, used today in the best hospitals in the world, promotes more agility and safety in care.


Health For Pet is the result of a thorough study to develop a animal health plan that unites quality, state-of-the-art equipment, personalized service and a team ready to provide dogs and cats with a healthier and happier life - with all the care and commitment they deserve.

Currently, HFP offers practically all the resources offered by human medicine, including CT scanners, magnetic resonances, veterinary ICUs, oncological and orthopedic treatments, among others.

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