Can the dog eat bees and wasps?

The warm summer months also bring unpleasant things like insects with them. Many dogs love to hunt bees or wasps. How dangerous is it when the four-legged friends eat stinging insects? Can the dog eat bees and wasps? - Image: Shutterstock / Kelly Nelson

An insect bite can be dangerous for dogs. Especially if bees or wasps sting their four-legged friends in the mouth or throat, this can lead to swelling of the mucous membranes - in the worst case, the dog can suffocate.

Eat insects? Better not!

Therefore, you should try to avoid your pet chasing flying insects. Because eating can have very dangerous consequences. When bees or wasps are caught in a dog's mouth, they usually stick out of panic. Wasps in particular pose a great danger here, because unlike bees, they can sting several times. Valuable seconds can pass until your dog actually kills the insect - in which the insect can stab several times.

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What to do if the dog chases bees and wasps?

So it is important to prohibit the dog from chasing and, above all, eating the insects. This requires consistency in the upbringing, because in the worst case, disregarding this rule can lead to suffocation or an allergic shock if your four-legged friend suffers from an allergy. Important tip: teach your dog a clear termination signal. The command "No" should be enough so that the four-legged friend cancels any action that is currently taking place. Once you see your pet start chasing bees or wasps - stop it before it can eat the insects. When walking, you should always keep an eye on the dog at best, so that it does not go hunting unattended.

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