Adorable: tiny little lucky cat is spiced up

Quiiiiietsch! The cute tricolor kitten in the video is almost too cute to be true. The eyes are still completely sleepy - the miniature lucky cat probably only opened her eyes a few days earlier. The cat rescuers from the initiative "Cats at the Studios" lovingly nurture the little kitty so that the foundling can quickly become big and strong.

The tiny fur nose sucks hungrily on her bottle - something can go wrong. Fortunately, the human foster parents are ready with a handkerchief to wipe the little mouth. In between, the three-colored velvet paws into an extra cozy fleece blanket and makes its first attempts on small tapestry paws. You just have to love this delightful Schnuffelschnute!

Are tricolor fur noses really lucky cats?

Tricolor cats are often referred to as lucky cats. But where does this sweet come from ...

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