Dogs and Children - The best breeds for a loving and caring relationship

Children often want a partner very much and, when parents think about fulfilling this request, many doubts arise. What is the best breed? It is appropriate? How big are the dogs? Still puppies or not? There are many doubts, which really require a little research, but it is certain that by choosing well, dogs and children can be great friends.

To start, it must be said that the child can benefit a lot from the company of a pet, can help with shyness problems, encourage socialization and also help with the concepts of responsibility. Dogs and children they can have a lot of good times to share. Also read about responsible animal ownership.

Is there an age for children to have puppies?

Raising a baby and a puppy is a lot of work, even for families full of energy, this decision needs to be well thought out. In general, it is not recommended for children under four years, because they still do not realize that the puppy is in pain and is not like a toy, when squeezing or pulling it, if it is not used to these attitudes, it can bark or even bite the child.

Older children can better understand what you can't do with a puppy and how to play without hurting him. But they must always be accompanied and guided by an adult. Children and dogs should not be left alone, however reliable the dog may be. Supervision is always necessary and interaction must be mediated.

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What are the most reliable dogs? Is there an ideal breed for children?

Breeds say a lot about dogs, but there is no way to say "this is a dog for children" precisely. The personality of the dog is something of its own and the most reliable dogs are the ones that have learned to socialize with children and that seem at ease with them. An adult dog that looks quiet around children and shows no stress is a good thing.

There are many breeds suitable for children, some of which are worth mentioning are: Labrador, a complete prankster; Golden Retriever, extremely patient with everything around him; Beagle, super active, always ready to play; Collie, the kind, always friendly to everyone.

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