A cat who trains on a water treadmill

It was taken care of by Ekostraży in Wrocław over a month ago. An exercise program has been developed especially for Rudy to help him regain fitness.

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Rudi, because red. It was taken care of by Ekostraży over a month ago. He was found in a deplorable condition near Kamieniec Podlaski. An exercise program has been developed especially for Rudy to help him regain fitness.

As Ekostraż informs on his Facebook profile:
Rudi came to us exactly a month ago. He was lying on the country road and his hind legs were dragging behind him. Dirty, flea-covered, skinny so much that the spine was clearly visible (weighed only 900 g). Wormed, vomited roundworms several times. Hind legs as thin as sticks, practically devoid of muscles. Rudi is possibly a victim of a traffic accident. How he managed to survive, since he was found long after the injury, will remain a mystery. Wounds and abrasions to the epidermis have already started to heal.

X-ray examination showed a narrowing of the space in the thoracic spine and changes in the lumbosacral spine. The kitten did not urinate on its own and did not stand on its hind legs, although it was still feeling. The only chance for recovery was rehabilitation. For the fourth week, Rudi is being rehabilitated at the GRYF Veterinary Office, where he undergoes laser therapy and treadmill treatments. Moreover, an Ekostraży volunteer exercises with him every day at home.

The effects are amazing: Rudi is already standing on 4 paws, and even walks, runs after the cats and climbs the scratching post.
He also started using the litter box and urinates on his own.

Rudi is just drawn to people. The bad past is behind him.

If you are interested in adopting Rudi, you can write to Ekostraż: https://www.facebook.com/EKOSTRAZ

A treadmill is often used for the rehabilitation of dogs and even horses. It is used less frequently in cats - due to the anxiety response of many purrs. The water treadmill is perfect for, among others, in slimming animals and improving the organs of movement. Prerequisite - the cat must not be afraid of water.

source: Facebook, Ekostraż

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