Busy dogs in bad weather: game ideas

You might also be interested in these care and maintenance topics: It is raining heavily and your dog would still like to go out to let off steam. Distraction is now needed. Elaborate retrieving games are not possible in the apartment - you can challenge and employ your four-legged friend in another way. Boredom in bad weather: With a few game ideas, it quickly flies away - Shutterstock / Patryk Kosmider

In order to be able to keep your dog busy even when the weather does not allow for long walks, various games at home are just the right choice. Not only the body, but also the head is trained.

Indoor fun: hidden object games for dogs

Search games are not only great outdoors to keep your four-legged friend busy - your dog will also be enthusiastically looking for the things you have hidden for him in the apartment. Because your dog is not distracted by the smell of other dogs or other animals at home, search games are even a little better for indoors than outdoors.

Of course, the games work especially well with treats. Simply hide them at various points in the apartment and then send your four-legged friend to search. It is best to vary the level of difficulty: While some rewards are easy to find, place other treats in places that your dog can only find with a little more elaborate detection. A tip: If your darling is a very playful contemporary, you can also work with your favorite toys instead of treats.

Busy dog ​​with clicker training

Clicker training is also one of the methods you can use to keep your dog occupied in the home at any time. All you need are treats and a so-called clicker. It is a small plastic utensil that is equipped with either a button or a piece of metal in the middle, which makes a click when pressed.

At the beginning of the training, your dog must first learn that this click sound means something positive. Press the clicker once and give your dog a treat immediately. Repeat this exercise several times. If your four-legged friend has learned to combine the sound with a reward, you can use the clicker training to keep him busy in a variety of ways. For example, retriever games, various tricks or obedience exercises can be implemented with clicker training.

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